Dekaron is a Classic MMORPG You’ve Never Played!

Dekaron is a Classic MMORPG You've Never Played!

Dekaron is an old-school extreme action MMORPG that takes you back to a time where flashy special effects and endless monster grinds were the norm. A time where MMOs were more gorey, filled with monsters that would explode into pieces, leaving a trail.. or, rather, entrails scattered around the battlefield.
Admittedly, I’ve never really dedicated much time to the game for reasons I’m not even sure of. But I was reached out to nevertheless to take a sponsored look at the game – and figured, you know what? This is the perfect opportunity to.
Not only is there the introduction of their brand new Segita Shooter Meister class, but there are events going on like the Segita Shooter Meister Event, rewarding players with a Celebration Package, XP scrolls, and other goodies, or the Pierce Package and Blast Box that’ll help you push through the game, much like I did.

Now I was tempted to go with the newest class because I feel as though more often than not, new classes get all the cool stuff. The flashiest abilities, the coolest looking gear. Probably the most attention from the dev team as well.
The Segita Shooter class in question allows for some serious AoE potential in the form of Pierce skills, fire elemental Blast skills and both offensive and support skills in the form of Shooter skills. The class excels at AoEing enemies, has an interesting blend of magical ranged damage and provides some useful support benefits.
However, when logging into the game for the first time I noticed that there were…. 13 classes. 13 goddamn classes. Several of which were magic users, leaving me a little conflicted with what I should go.
Naturally I went with the highest DPS mage because.. well you guys should know me by now. I main mage as DPS because I’m a bit of a pyro and like incinerating things. Plus I like explosions.
And as a real man.. I don’t ever, and I can’t stress this enough – EVER, look at explosions. I turn away, and walk the opposite direction. Yes, I’m that comfortable in my manliness.
Don’t get me wrong, the Segita Shooter utilizes dual guns, is a ranged class and has plenty of AoE potential, which is honestly pretty sick. But there’s just something about magic I can’t get over. Maybe I should’ve been a magician when I grew up.

So, after choosing my class I logged into the game. I realized that upon selecting your class you didn’t have the option of customizing your appearance, but noticed that there were plenty of customization options found in the game itself.


There were 2 different types of movement I came across after checking myself out: You could use WASD like most modern MMOs, but you could also use your mouse to move – providing a semi-auto routing system that made it easy to click for long-distances when I was attempting to read the map and find the ideal route to my target.
As this is an older-school MMO it does a lot less in terms of hand-holding, which is something I definitely appreciate. Like, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy easy questing as much as the next guy, but I also enjoy needing to use my brain just a little bit. I know I don’t, typically, but nevertheless it’s good to kickstart it every so often.
Speaking of navigating, the world is fairly large and open, albeit with segregated zones. Meaning that there’s plenty to see, there’s plenty to do and kill but each area is split by a short loading screen.
Each region has its own theme. I managed to move through 3 regions in total, the starter area which was your pretty typical city with outlying woods, then I moved to a dark swamp, then to a frigid snowy wasteland.
Questing took me all over each zone. It literally had me running around the entire thing, killing every type of monster present. Honestly, I never really felt like there was much downtime, if any at all and thanks to the gear I obtained through the chests supplied to me as I leveled, I didn’t have too much difficulty overall.
Boss monsters took a little longer than I thought they would and left me needing to use HP potions, but as I continued to level and unlock new skills I began to group them up and AoE them all down.

Speaking of unlocking new skills, Dekaron has both an extensive skill system and stat system.
Every time you level you gain stat points, allowing you to distribute them according to your own individual tastes. This adds a layer of depth to the game that most modern MMOs don’t have: I can become a complete glass-cannon with no focus other than my magic attack, or I can become a tanky mage that just never dies.
Knowing me you guys should already be well aware the route I took. Whatever provided me maximum damage output. It just means healers will need to keep me up a little more… frequently. But that’s their job after all! That’s what I bring you guys along for.
Granted you don’t get paid, but the sense of accomplishment you get when you manage to clear something with me should be reward in and of itself.

Then there’s the skill system. As a mage I had multiple different routes I could take. I could spec into Energy, Fire, Ice or Lightning. Each element had their own abilities with their own selection of unique effects, with specific elements having a larger focus on AoE damage, and others focusing more on CC.
I didn’t really know what I was doing so me being the idiot I always am, opted to spec into every element. If you look at my hotbar, you’ll see I have a mixture of everything. This meant that at times I was slowing enemies by freezing them, proceeding to light them on fire, then electrocute them. Not always in that order.
The depth of customization this game has by allowing you to craft the type of class you want is something I think every great MMO needs. Simplifying classes is never good for the health or longevity of an MMO.
Providing a surplus of options means that you’ll always be coming across new players playing in their own fun, unique way. And that’s part of the heart of an MMO to me. Not necessarily being the best, but having fun with creating something that is unique to you.

Oh, I think I actually forgot to speak about combat this entire time, but by this point I’m sure you’ve already figured out the type of system Dekaron employs.
You select enemies with your left mouse click and cycle through them much the same way. As I went mage, there were plenty of AoEs I had which meant I didn’t ever really need to focus on a single target. Well, not as I got higher in level.

Ultimately, I think I made it all the way to level 70 by the time I finished recording this video.
I experienced a decent amount of the game: The world, the combat, the diversity allotted me due to the stat points and class trees. I got to move through several different zones and see the type of world this game provides me as a player.
Leveling was admittedly made easier due to the launch week bonus going on that provided a 400% XP and drop rate boost, but even without it I feel as though the game moves at a moderate pace.

Dekaron has sytems in place I wish other MMOs utilized. It definitely has that old-school feel you find in MMOs made in the early to mid-2000s and the nostalgia you get when playing an MMO like this is always a good feeling.

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