DC Universe Online – Now THIS Is What A Superhero Action MMORPG Should Be!

So we played Champions Online yesterday and it was a ton of fun. Graphics were very cartoony and character creation was amazing. Some of the best we’d ever seen in an MMORPG.

So, naturally, we went into DC Universe Online thinking there was no way it could compare to Champions Online, right? Right. We were wrong though. So, so, very wrong. Yes, the character creation in DC Universe Online was sorely lacking in comparison to Champions Online, but the overall gameplay in DC:UO was absolutely insane! It was fast, it was crazy. It was actually full action combat as well, unlike Champions Online. To top it off, DC:UO looks a lot more realistic and all-round visually superior to Champions Online.

Finally, and possibly most importantly for a SUPERHERO MMORPG, the superhero powers were quite a bit better in DC:UO. We had flight and speed in Champions Online, and speed in DC:UO and the visual effects of the speed super power, the fact that it gave you the ability to run up buildings, the fact you could jump tens of feet into the air, or hundreds of feet across buildings gave you a real sense of the power.

All in all, Champions Online is a good game for sure, especially its incredible character creation, but DC Universe Online is a completely different beast with regards to both gameplay and story (which was pretty entertaining, featuring characters from DC Comics (such as Batman, The Joker, Lex Luthor etc.)!)

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