Dauntless Introduces Its First Large Update – “The Coming Storm”

Dauntless Introduces Its First Large Update - "The Coming Storm"

The Storm is here!

And it has swept in a new Behemoth, new weapons, explosives, and a new faction along with it!

Phoenix Labs, the team behind the incredibly popular Dauntless game has pushed out their first large patch titled “The Coming Storm“. The update brings with it the Ostian Repeater – the very first true long-ranged weapon, along with grenades wielded by the Ostians – who’s armada was armada was decimated after their clash with Koshai, and were subsequently forced to take refuge in Ramsgate as a result of their encounter.

Sovereign of Thorns.. A.K.A, Koshai

The storm in question brings with it the Sovereign of Thorns.. A.K.A, Koshai; A new Behemoth that inhabits The Hunting Grounds, a newly added floating island.

Future Patches

This is the first of several upcoming patches to hit the servers for Dauntless, with future updates being promised “in the coming weeks as the storm intensifies”.¬†According to the official website, the coming updates will feature new content, quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and the new Repeater ranged weapon.

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