Darkness Rises’ New Guardian Class Overview

Darkness Rises' New Guardian Class Overview

So, Darkness Rises starts you off with an introduction to the story and a few tutorial battles – you know, to make sure you fully grasp the kind of game this is.
One thing you’re made instantly aware of is that the game is an action title. Playing through the game, leveling my character and unlocking new abilities to use is part of the fun of the game.
Since it’s primarily a title that takes place in instances, running through eliminating enemies and fighting boss monsters, the combat is an integral part of whether or not you’ll actually enjoy your time spent in it.
I made it to level 20 something by the time I stopped recording, and I’d unlocked I believe 7 different abilities. Granted you’re limited in how many abilities you can have active at any given time, meaning a little forethought and planning will likely come into play as per the encounter.

Then you’re introduced to several of the members of the cast. Oh, did I mention that in combat while we have our base weapon, in this case I have a lance, not only can we pick up weapons in the dungeons we enter, but we also get to force enemy monsters into submission and take a hold of them?
Like look at this. I get to ride a dragon, and just.. lay waste to everything. And then in this instance, I got to take control of that giant ogre and run around Hulk smashing everything.
The characters you meet all play a pivotal role in the game, not only allowing for you to unlock new features and functions, but also pushing along the story, opening new game modes and providing the eye candy. ’cause let’s be real, you’d much rather see the rest of the cast over me, right?
I would.

Speaking of other game modes, let’s talk about a few of them, yeah?
The first new game mode I unlocked was Duo Dungeon. I got to use the group finder tool to look for a party member to join me in a dungeon. I had a power level of 336,000 which is pretty high for my level, but she had 9.3 million. That’s.. 30 times more powerful than me.
Yeah, that was crazy. I mean I’m not one to feel a little emasculated, but this was a tiny little girl that could hit things 30 times harder than a full grown man could. Emasculated was the last thing I was feeling.
Interestingly Duo Dungeons had us go up against waves of monsters, working together to combat it as a team. Or alone, if you have a power level of OVER 9 MILLION.

Then I got to participate in PvP. Naturally I picked the most powerful, the most fearsome looking opponents, because.. I mean that’s the kind of person I am. If they’re not a threat, then there’s no point really in challenging them.
PvP, naturally, took place in its own small arena, pitting 2 of us against one another. I emerged victorious, obviously.

Then there’s Story Mode, which as you can no doubt guess, takes you through the story Chapters. This introduces you to more of the main cast of characters, gives you a background to what’s actually going on, and provides a reason to why you’re running the dungeons you’re in.
From what I’ve seen several of them are battles that function very differently to the normal mode’s battles, with the latter being a linear vertical form of progression, followed by a small boss at the end.
The Story Mode is also voice acted – and the dub itself is actually pretty solid. I didn’t have any issues while listening, but then I’m a fan of English dubs in games!

After a while I unlocked the Raid game mode. Yup, large-ass boss battle incoming!
Okay, so while I may have unlocked the raid boss.. admittedly I probably wasn’t as prepared as I perhaps could have been.
I went in and immediately faceplanted. I had to.. sort of.. let the team handle most the encounter because I didn’t want to waste my crystals on resurrecting, but I made certain I knew what I was doing for future reference.

And then there was a town – something I hadn’t expected at all, where I could see other players, interact with various features, fish and even go to what I believe was the town fountain.
Once there you would instantly be de-clothed. Yup. You’re welcome.

All in all, there’s a lot of fun to be had in Darkness Rises. The combat is a lot of fun, the graphics are solid and there are a ton of different game modes to play through, some of which I hadn’t unlocked yet.
The game released back in 2018 and this marks its 2nd year anniversary – which is a testament to the popularity of the game.
The Guardian class itself is a heavy hitter, and was a lot of fun wreaking havoc with. I’d played other classes in the past but this is probably my favorite class thus far.

With the 2nd year anniversary upon us, don’t forget to log in to participate in all of the goodies the game has to offer. Morph Crystal Choice Chests, Rank S pet summon tickets, items up to Rank S++.
I mean heck, we even have special coupon codes for anyone interested in downloading the game! Make sure if you’re interested in playing to use my link in the description and pinned comment below to be taken right to the download for the game!

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