Dark And Light – The Best Looking New Upcoming MMORPG?

Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings, my name is Wiggy, and today I’d like to take a moment of your time, and inform you guys that Dark and Light an Upcoming MMORPG will have its official, first, Closed Beta available by June 20!
And before you ask “Can you still sign up for this?” The answer is yes! Yes you can! In fact you’ve got till the 15th of June before it ends, which I know isn’t a “lot” of time, which is why you might wanna go ahead an sign up to it for your chance to check out Dark and Light, bugs and all! But hey, at least you get to see if with your own eyes, right?

However I will be giving you guys a “brief” idea of what Dark and Light is all about, for those of you still in the.. dark, pun intended.

Dark and Light is a fantasy, sandbox, survival MMORPG. whew, that’s a lot of genres! If you’re unfamiliar with the difference between an Open world MMORPG and Sandbox MMORPG, As I get asked this question a lot. An Open World means no loading screens, but still more
or less a traditional MMORPG, take quests follow along a linear story, that kinda thing. Where as a Sandbox MMORPG is one where you can do, and go whatever you want at any time, without being locked to a specific area or zone. So hopefully that answers that

Dark and Light allows you to freely do what you want, but as it is a survival MMO as well, you can’t just derp around all day, and yes. It does turn day and night. Some of the many features within Dark and Light, is well thought out house creation system,
the ability to freely fly around the world by mount, or by actually transforming yourself into a beast, where you can reach and or land on any peak you see. Outside of towns and cities, Dark and Light has full World PvP, even amongst members of your own faction.
Although the dev’s did state they will have a PvE server, for those of you less interested in PvP. There’s a fully functioning, realistic, weather system that actually effects gameplay. For instance, get too cold and you’ll end up freezing to death,
get too hot and while I’m not initially sure what the technical term for dying by the sun is, let’s just say you’ll also end up dead, horribly. You’ll need to make sure you’re careful before you set out on your adventure and prepare before traveling anywhere
with extreme climates or mountains. An extra pair of underwear. You can never have to many of them.

You know something else you can’t have to much of in Dark and Light? Food and water! Yup! Not only will you die from the weather climates, but you will also die to, really large monsters, cliffs, players, gaps in the ground, water, piranhas in the water, tripping over, off a cliff side,
getting eaten by monsters, killing yourself by mistake when you picked up that really large rock near you house, getting crushed by falling trees, You will also be able to die from not eating or drinking enough! YAY!

These are just some of the awesome features found in Dark and Light, I’d go into more detail, but then the video would probably 10 minutes long, and to be completely honest I really just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up regarding the closed beta, so you don’t miss the opportunity to try the MMORPG out for yourselves, if you’re one of the lucky ones chosen.

I’ll be making a more in depth video regarding Dark and Light’s features, it’s world and all the good stuff if it’s something you guys are interested in, as I only covered the really, really basic features found within Dark and Light, to give you guys a basic understanding of Dark and Light.

Either way, good luck getting into the closed beta guys and as always, good day, night or afternoon wherever it is where you are, and I’ll see you guys in the next video!

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    Darki Reply
    Jun 14, 2017 @ 22:52 pm

    Stop misleading people! It’s not an MMO, the devs already confirmed this Ages ago

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