Dark and Light Fully Moddable With New Dev Kit Release

Dark and Light Dev Kit Finally Released

After continued promises to release the Dev Kit to players, the team behind Dark and Light finally delivered. Earlier this week on June 5th the Dev Kit became downloadable from the Epic Games Launcher, offering players the ability to contribute their designs and creations with friends and even the community. A list of customizable designs are as follows:

  • New imagined maps and areas
  • Your unique weapon designs
  • Creatures from your own dreams and nightmares
  • Modified spells and effects to your specifications
  • Custom-designed dungeons and combat challenges
  • Nearly anything you can dream up

Included in the Dev Kit is the ability to modify individual AI behavior, interchangeably replace existing in-game models with your own art, change monster and NPC spawn volume, edit lighting and various other texture-related visual elements, and more.

Whether it’s getting creative with the art and design, or altering gameplay features to experimental levels, the Dark and Light Dev Kit gives you the freedom to make the game a creation all your own.

What Is Dark and Light?

Dark and Light is a sandbox survival RPG set in a vast fantastical world dominated by elemental forces. Find your way through breathtaking landscapes, battle against mythical creatures, and now, for the first time ever, make the world your own.

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