Crowfall is Struggling to Stay Afloat

Crowfall is Struggling to Stay Afloat

After just launching in the last couple months, it turns out the Kickstarter-backed Crowfall MMO is struggling to stay afloat.
Not only have they lost a significant portion of their active players, but the lack of interest from the MMO community has driven the company, ArtCraft, to lay off key members of their development team.

Valeria Massey, who was Director of Community up until last year went on to make a Tweet stating “Gutted and gobsmacked to hear about the @ArtCraftEnt layoffs today. Having worked on @CrowfallGame for five years, I had high hopes the game would be a success. Holler if I can help with recommendations or referrals.”

Users on Reddit have repeatedly covered the continued decline of the game over the past couple months, and while this is far from being the final nail in the coffin, it is worth noting that this does not bode well for the future of the game, or the company.
With interest already completely dried up in the game, little in the way of updates and a shrinking staff… it’s only a matter of time until ArtCraft either announce that Crowfall will be going “free to play,” or that it’s shutting down entirely.

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    Sep 27, 2021 @ 15:16 pm

    […] Crowfall is a little over 2 months old at this point, yet of the 17,000 backers the game had, player concurrency failed to break 1,000 for the better half of the first month, with small peaks above 3,000 briefly during the launch week before dropping back down to 3 digits. After which Artcraft, the developers behind the game patched in a means with which to hide their active player numbers. Which totally wasn’t because they were embarrassed by the poor numbers. […]

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