Crossing Void – 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

Crossing Void - 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

I had no idea what to expect when I started Crossing Void.
All I knew was that the image used for the game was that of Kirito.. or someone that looked eerily reminiscent of Kirito. Then I jumped into the game and was greeted by the main girls from the Railgun Anime. Yeah, Mikoto and Kuroko.
I figured “Oh, okay, so this is an adaptation of A Certain Scientific Railgun, cool.” After which I was greeted by characters from Durarara, Accel World, Sword Art Online, Toradora, Shakugan no Shana.. and I finally knew what this game was.
It was an amalgamation of a plethora of different Anime all condensed into a single RPG. That’s an interesting concept.

From what I could tell, Crossing Void is a story-driven Chapter-based RPG.
Pretty much every single Chapter is intertwined in some form of story. There are various Stages per Chapter, and each Chapter seems to follow a different selection of characters.
I don’t really understand the premise of the story. There are different worlds, different realities, and each of the characters from their respective worlds are gathered together to.. save the world? Save their world? Save all the worlds? I’m a little fuzzy on specifics, honestly, but holy crap there are a lot of characters.
I’m not sure exactly how many there are, but I did notice that heroes are locked behind a more difficult pay-wall than normal. I couldn’t even really summon any free heroes to play with and was stuck with the basics of what was provided to me. The one hero I did unlock was Asuna, and unfortunately I couldn’t use her.
This is due to the combat system. See, each hero can be paired up with another hero acting essentially as support. This means that to fully utilize a character and their abilities, you’re required to have the corresponding hero associated with them, and I’m guessing here that Asuna’s is Kirito.
So unless I have Kirito as well, my Asuna will be not only lacking in her abilities, but also be unable to maximize her potential.

This leads me to the combat aspect of the game.
Crossing Void utilizes a turn-based combat system. You select your ability, the enemy selects theirs, and you cycle through said attacks until your next turn.
You have a variety of abilities you can learn and upgrade, and each hero seems to have their own skills specific to the Anime they’re from.
While I never really got to play as anyone other than the girls supplied to me, I did get to fight a variety of different characters, and got to see their abilities and combos in action.

Ultimately, I spent a few hours in Crossing Void recording footage.
I felt it was very limiting on who I could use in combat, which is disappointing as I typically like to deploy a group of hot Waifu’s regardless of their stats and abilities.
I also felt as though while there was a lot of story, it didn’t do much in terms of explaining the story – rather it explained what the characters were doing presently, as opposed to why we were there or what our goals were.
The game looks pretty solid – the animation for some of the characters seemed a little off, but otherwise this is an enjoyable adaptation that allows you to play with all your favorite characters from their respective Anime.

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