Crimson Desert’s New Trailer Looks Incredible – Winter 2021 Confirmed Release Date.

Crimson Desert's New Trailer Looks Incredible - Winter 2021 Confirmed Release Date.

Pearl Abyss just revealed their brand new trailer as part of the 2020 Game Awards, and boy did it look good.

We were shown proper, full in-game footage for the first time since the initial announcement trailer last December. This marks an entire year since going radio silent on the project, however, and with the reveal that the game will be launching worldwide in Winter 2021, I’m hoping we don’t go radio silent for another year.

While quite a bit in the way of gameplay was shown: The combat, the graphical style, the character models, glimpses of the story, the mechanics, the severe FPS issues (performance was terrible,) there’s still quite a bit we don’t know.

Is Pearl Abyss still aiming for Crimson Desert to be an MMORPG? We’ve heard from numerous sources that the game is going to be an “MMO with a single-player narrative,” kind of how Final Fantasy XIV does things. But from other sources we’ve heard it’s going to be a “single-player RPG with MMO features.” Pearl Abyss have been silent on the matter, opting to not get involved in the discussion perhaps to create additional hype from both types of gamers.

We also don’t know whether the game is planning on going free-to-play or buy-to-play like its predecessor, Black Desert Online, which has been a paid title for years.

The trailer looked absolutely fantastic and this has me more excited than ever to try the game out for the first time. This could very well be one of the best MMOs in recent memory.

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