Creating My Own Personal Anime MMORPG Harem! Mwahhaha! (Closers Online)

So unfortunately it was nearing the end of the night (we’d just gone to the gym, gotten home, eaten Chinese food, had a shower,) and had a new Closers video ready to record! Upon getting in I realized that I should probably complete my Anime harem. So I went ahead and finished the 2 remaining female characters and succesfully put together a room filled with beautiful Anime women!

Unfortunately, after wasting 20 minutes on that we may have ran into a bug that prevented us from logging into the actual game beyond character selection LOL. So we had to call it a day there. Nevertheless, not wanting you guys to miss out on my complete Anime MMORPG Harem – here it is! In all its glory!

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    Timothy Reply
    Apr 25, 2017 @ 2:37 am

    are you on KR or JP?

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    Ali says:
    I really need this copy 😅...
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    Meowmax says:
    Yo I just want to pound some demon, cat girl, and white hair girl pussy please...
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    Asura says:
    this is going to be a great game...
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    Dream says:
    Gimme Demi i need her >:C, ima be a degenerate and hold hand with her....
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    Alucard says:
    All hail lord Gaben...