Corepunk Reaffirms Q4 2021 Closed Beta

Corepunk Reaffirms Q4 2021 Closed Beta

The developers behind the upcoming Corepunk MMORPG recently held a Q&A featuring quite a few community-asked questions.

First, they went and confirmed that their upcoming Closed Beta is going to allow approximately 10,000 players in. This is a fairly large number of players, especially given they haven’t done much in the way of testing server stability up until this point. But then again that may be part of the reason behind why they’re going to allow up to 10,000 players in – to see if they have the server infrastructure to handle a large influx of players. They’ve also confirmed that they expect to release into Closed Beta testing by the end of 2021 – hopefully they’re comfortable giving me a few to give away to our amazing community, otherwise, you guys are going to need to enter the old fashioned way.

They confirmed they’re hard at work on refining a few things before they show any new footage, after which they’ll push out new gameplay videos to showcase progress that has been made over the last several months.

They’ll be releasing a road map in the future, after the successful conclusion of their Closed Beta test later this year.

This is an MMO I’m actually very excited for. I can’t wait to see the kind of game they end up publishing, and hope this really gives games like Diablo, Path of Exile and Lost Ark a run for their money.

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