Closers Online – Waifu Anime MMORPG Simulator

Why doesn’t the Harpy ever have any solo quests? Wiggy keeps repeatedly getting solo quests and it’s making it much more difficult to continue together. Not to mention she’s receiving more story than I am because I’m not getting anything cool. :< Regardless, we’re making some great progress, what with us both being level 31 now. I will admit though that Closers Online has some of the best looking female models in an MMORPG and I am enjoying slowly making my harem..

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    Ali says:
    I really need this copy 😅...
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    Meowmax says:
    Yo I just want to pound some demon, cat girl, and white hair girl pussy please...
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    Asura says:
    this is going to be a great game...
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    Dream says:
    Gimme Demi i need her >:C, ima be a degenerate and hold hand with her....
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    Alucard says:
    All hail lord Gaben...