Closers Online – The Best Action MMORPG!

The combat in Closers Online is some of the most fun I’ve probably had playing in an MMORPG. The combos, the speed, the animations are all top tier and I think it looks amazing.

I wish I could play it more but unfortunately I don’t have the time to, nevertheless, I will continue to enjoy every morsel I can of this game as it’s freakin’ fun!

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Latest Comments

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    Ali says:
    I really need this copy 😅...
  • author image
    Meowmax says:
    Yo I just want to pound some demon, cat girl, and white hair girl pussy please...
  • author image
    Asura says:
    this is going to be a great game...
  • author image
    Dream says:
    Gimme Demi i need her >:C, ima be a degenerate and hold hand with her....
  • author image
    Alucard says:
    All hail lord Gaben...