Closers Online – Sexy Anime Fun!

So as Closers Online has yet to make it to the West, we figured it’d be a good opportunity to try the game out in its original form. Thankfully there’s a private server for Closers Online that has a decent enough English translation that makes the game fully playable in English.

I have to say: I was not expecting much out of Closers Online. I honestly thought it’d be some cheesy, badly animated, cheap Anime MMORPG like so many others. However, that is very, very wrong. Closers Online is so much more. The game looks fantastic! The Anime style graphics are freakin’ amazing looking, and other than Soul Worker Online (which we have yet to play yet,) there isn’t a better looking Anime MMORPG out there!

We only made it to (I believe) level 15-ish, but we do plan on playing through the game as often as we can until we make sufficient progress through it.

How is the combat? Fantastic. Fast, fluid, and fun.

How are the graphics? Absolutely freakin’ amazing. Beautiful and beyond sexy character models. Like I kid you not, they’re so much better than Blade and Soul’s.

How is the game itself? So far – great! We’ll get to witness more as we continue going through the game, but at the very least, for now, we’re having a blast.

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    Ali says:
    I really need this copy 😅...
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    Asura says:
    this is going to be a great game...
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    Dream says:
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    Alucard says:
    All hail lord Gaben...