Closers Online Releases First Large Content Patch of 2021

Closers Online Releases First Large Content Patch of 2021

For those of you that weren’t aware, En Masse, the North American publisher for Closers Online shut down a few months ago. En Masse Entertainment published TERA and Closers Online over here in North America. While TERA’s North American publishing rights ultimately went to Gameforge who now publish the game in both North America and Europe, Closers Online went back to the official developer for the game, Naddic Games.

People were unsure what that really meant for the future of the game. Naddic promised they’d continue to support the development of Closers while self-hosting and self-publishing it globally, but have remained quiet in terms of future content for the most part.

That is until earlier this week when they revealed they were introducing a surplus of new content for players to consume: a new dungeon and raid for endgame players focusing on the Ocean King Asmodeus.
Accompanying the new dungeon and raid are several different events, with Naddic confirming they’re already working on various different patches planned for release over the course of 2021. So if you thought the game was dead.. you’d be wrong. If you’ve been avoiding it, now might be a good opportunity to jump back in and see how it’s doing! It can’t hurt.

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