Closers Online Finally Launches In English Open Beta!

Closers Online Finally Launches In English Open Beta!

En Masse Entertainment finally released their new free-to-play anime-style action MMO Closers Online into Open Beta, meaning players are given access to get into the game and play, fully translated into English for the very first time.

With their transition into a free to play game, En Masse released a large update, adding a new character, Levia to the games roster of characters. Additionally, they went on to further add player housing, and new Christmas events for players to partake in during the holidays.

The game is still available to purchase however, for $14.99 for anyone that still wants to support En Masse and get the premium items associated with the purchase.

Otherwise, you can find the game directly through Steam.

What Is Closers Online?

Closers Online is a free to play Action MMORPG originally published by Nexon in Korea. In Closers, you take on the role of a “Closer”, a special agent employed by an organization called UNION, gifted with special powers due to a freak dimensional event taking place, gifting a select few people with psychokinetic powers. Using these powers, “Closers” fight monsters that continue to seep through the dimensional gates that gave Closers their power in an attempt to stop the world from being overrun.

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