Chrono Odyssey Release Date? Brand New Upcoming Cross-Platform Next Generation MMORPG!

Chrono Odyssey Release Date? Brand New Upcoming Cross-Platform Next Generation MMORPG!

I never thought, in the final month of 2020 I’d be announcing yet another brand new upcoming MMORPG.. but here we are. Guys, there’s another brand new MMORPG coming next year called “Chrono Odyssey.”
I’ve gotten quite a few Discord DM’s with the trailer for the game, and that’s what we’re here today to both look at and talk about.

Chrono Odyssey is an MMO being developed by NPIXEL, the very same team behind the upcoming Gran Saga cross-platform MMO.
I’m not really too big a fan of Gran Saga, honestly. I’ve expressed that several times now as it feels a little too “mobile-y” to me. But this could turn out a lot better, considering Gran Saga was their first attempt at a cross-platform MMO.
Chrono Odyssey is going to feature a “space-time epic fantasy adventure” for players with huge realm vs realm battles and action combat to compliment those types of engagements.
One thing worth noting here is that NPIXEL actually confirmed that not only did development for the MMO begin back in 2019, but they understand each platform needs their very own UI.
The problem with most cross-platform games is that the UI is reused for all platforms involved. NPIXEL confirmed that each platform, PC, console and mobile will have UIs developed exclusively for them.

I’m excited to see where this game ultimately ends up going. All we have right now is a cinematic trailer, but we’ve gotten a little bit of info pertaining to the story – it’s a fantasy setting that pits us against the 12 gods of the world.
We know it has action combat. We know it has some pretty serious PvP. Evidently, we’ll need to wait to see a gameplay trailer – for all platforms specifically before we can get a proper gauge for the game but I’m always excited to see brand new upcoming games!

Chrono Odyssey Release Date?

Chrono Odyssey is a brand new upcoming MMORPG. Currently, the game is scheduled to release in 2021 within South Korea, with a Global release already in the works. Chrono Odyssey will likely release Globally late 2021, maybe early 2022 on PC, Console and Mobile devices.

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