Champions Online – They Won’t Stop Killing Me!

Champions Online is definitely a unique kind of MMORPG. It’s the only superhero themed MMO we’ve ever played.

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    blando Reply
    Sep 13, 2020 @ 2:10 am

    This game is in really bad shape.
    The whole dev team (like 20+ people) was removed by Cryptic bak in 2012 cause the game “was not making enough money to have a 20+ people team)
    Currently there is 1 , just 1 Dev in charge, assisted by 2 or 3 devs from other Cryptic titles (who get assigned to assist temprary)
    The game is a mess of unfinished ideas and half-implemented features (like the Hideouts or the “create your Nemesis” system)
    Any new content is in the form of Lockboxes or cyclical events (divided into Big deal Seasonal events, like Halloween, Winter fest, Anniverssary, and simple events that get repeated 2 or more times per year, like Night Hawk event, or Nightmare invasion)
    The game is stagnant, with the sole dev trying to fix Quality of live issues, salvaging and re-using old content, or adding new costume pieces and occasional powers (mostly through lockboxes)
    There have been no new maps or areas in years, closest was the Qliphotic Warzone (which was a Frankenstein of assets and maps used in some Adventure pack)
    the only good thing is the character creator, which lets you get wild with character concepts (as long as you have unlocked enough costume parts)
    If you are coming here for fun, or hopes of a superhero expirience, would recommend you to avoid this game.

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