C9: Continent of the Ninth Seal – The Worst Action MMORPG

So we’ve seen (and played through) our fair share of terrible MMORPGs. Now, that being said, we did try C9: Continent of the Ninth Seal out when we first started recording videos for Youtube but we thought “Y’know what? This is one of the MMORPGs we did a terrible first look of, let’s give it another go!” – and here we are. We had barely played any MMORPGs when first looking at C9 – therefore we were unaware of exactly how bad the game was (at least at the beginning! Not saying endgame here.)

So what do we actually dislike about the game? The graphics are very poor, UI is clunky and feels like something out of a 90s RPG, the combat is slow, stiff, and overall lackluster, and just.. Umph! Compare this to games like Vindictus, Phantasy Star Online 2, and any other action MMORPG and you’ll see how poorly C9 actually holds up against them. It was really quite a shame as they had some pretty good looking bodies! lmao

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    Souvik says:
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    Tenshi Oda says:
    I'm totally disappointed. It's cleary a Genshin Impact ripoff. It may have a few features from ot...
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    Nuri59 says:
    fake knight online and pay to win. don't waste your time with this game....
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    Quinx says:
    Hope it has a pc version...