Blue Protocol Release Schedule Confirmed

Blue Protocol Release Schedule Confirmed

In a recent announcement made by Shimooka, the Chief Producer for Blue Protocol, it was confirmed that Bandai Namco and Cayennne Tech were going to work to jointly release the upcoming Anime MMORPG within the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

According to a Youtube video, an announcement post, and a post over on the Blue Protocol DB website, Bandai Namco have confirmed their partnership with Cayenne Tech to release their upcoming MMO outside of Japan.
The Blue Protocol DB website specifically lists Taiwan to be the first region to obtain the game, with Korea to likely follow shortly after.

According to the video from Shimooka directly:

Hello, fans of the game in Taiwan! I am the chief producer of “BLUEPROTOCOL”, Shimooka We are working together with Cayenne Tech in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau We are running the first PC version of “BLUEPROTOCOL” together Cayenne Tech has experience in operating game such as “Gundam” and “Digimon” They have many years of experience working with Bandai Namco Group, and are a very reliable partner I am very pleased to be able to hook through Cayenne Tech to present “BLUEPROTOCOL” for everyone! Please stay informed about the latest news from “BLUEPROTOCOL”

– Shimooka

This is the first direct confirmation of the game from outside of Japan, which is promising news for the direction of the game.
If you recall, they were looking for localization directors, and it seems they’ve already found multiple for various non-Japanese regions.

While we still don’t have an exact confirmed release date for Blue Protocol, even within Japan, it looks like we’re closing in on a rather large announcement in the near future.

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