Blue Protocol Previews New Character Creation Options

Blue Protocol Previews New Character Creation Options

Bandai Namco and the Blue Protocol team have always been good at communicating with their community. This is important – this is an integral part of what makes them such a promising developer in my eyes. However, they went ahead and made the announcement recently that they were going to focus on development, and step back a little from social media, much to the dismay of the community.

That was their plan, but it turns out they couldn’t stay away from their fans, instead, taking to Twitter once again to show off the new customization options available for players regarding character creation. What we can see is one specific eye template being warped horizontally, vertically, allowing for significantly more control than ever before. Originally, we had the option to choose from a few different presets. Now, while yes we’ll still have presets, we’ll have substantially more control over said presets allowing for a much more unique character. Something that is much more personal.

While they haven’t confirmed anything beyond the eyes, it is worth noting that this begs the question.. what other parts of the body are they working on? Will we have more control over other aspects and features on our face? Will we have more control over our characters’ bodies as well? You could already edit the bust size, the thickness, but providing even more control is definitely not a step in the wrong direction and will be greatly appreciated by the community. Especially if they opt to introduce additional outfits.

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