BLUE PROTOCOL Info That Could Change the ENTIRE GAME!

BLUE PROTOCOL Info That Could Change the ENTIRE GAME!

After the very first Closed Beta test for Blue Protocol, Bandai Namco asked participants to go through a number of questions and leave feedback on a number of topics. It was brought to my attention earlier today (via the Blue Protocol subreddit,) that this was actually never covered by anyone, and gives us a very large look into the future of the game.

The questionnaire specifically asked: “Which game specifications / contents do you expect to add in the future? (Select up to 5)”

Options included the following: Living content (in the form of fishing and housing as an example,) mini games, increased character creation options (for more diverse character identity,) increased freedom for character creation, choice of skills (including an option to have more skills to utilize,) the addition of new classes (a topic that has been requested quite a few times over the last year,) an increase in the number of Imajinn (a unique feature specific to this game,) team guilds, PvP (player vs. player,) quest enhancement (possibly in the form of quest-type diversity,) an increased number of dungeons, increased raid content (additional raids? more to do in said raids?,) altered rules for the arena, an expansion of content with additional “playful elements,” enhanced HUD and graphical options, enhancement of roles in battle (potentially referring to role identity and how there is no holy trinity,) enhancing the sense of cooperation in battle (group-related content,) optional channel movement functionality, additional costume types and accessories (as individual character identity is an important aspect of every MMO,) enhancement of communication function (such as voice chat?,) 4K resolution and ultra-wide monitor support, seasonal events, enhanced shooting functions (related to cameras?,) and apps with auxiliary functions outside of the game.

We’ve already seen Bandai Namco reveal they’re working on additional classes, and that they’ve added in quite a bit in the way of character customization, so it looks as though they’re working through a list of most-important to least-important in an attempt to cater to as many potential players as they can before the game releases later in 2021 in Japan.

This is very exciting news, and I cannot wait to see where the game ultimately ends up when they’ve taken everything into consideration.

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