Blue Protocol Announces New Development Direction

Blue Protocol Announces New Development Direction

Up until this point Bandai Namco have been pretty good when it comes to communicating with their fans. They’ve done various streams detailing a plethora of features found within the game and even held a Closed Beta just a few months back. This was followed by yet another stream where they went over the feedback Japanese players had left following the closure of the Beta test.

However, even with how communicative Bandai Namco and the Blue Protocol team have been, there comes a time where they need to refocus on what’s important: And that’s the development of the game. With this in mind, the official Blue Protocol Twitter made a Tweet earlier stating “From now on, “BLUE PROTOCOL” will be devoted to development for a while so that the opinions of all of you can be reflected in the game. Although it will be irregular, we will continue to deliver the development status from this Twitter. Thank you for your continued support of “BLUE PROTOCOL””


While this is no doubt going to be disappointing to some players, as there will be a lack of updates for however many weeks or months this means they’ll go without posting, it’s worth noting that this is an important step towards finishing development of the game and making strides towards the next Closed Beta test phase.

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