Blue Protocol | 2022 Update on Global Launch and Hiring New Game Designers

Blue Protocol | 2022 Update on Global Launch and Hiring New Game Designers

Alright, real talk: Is Blue Protocol still in active development? Have Bandai Namco given up on it? Are we going to get it in 2022? Why have they been so quite over the last year?

It’s true. Bandai Namco have given us nothing substantial since their last livestream, and players are concerned.
They’re scared that a game that looks as good as Blue Protocol does is never going to see the light of day. And that fear is warranted, and only continues to grow the longer Bandai Namco continue to remain silent.
But today, I have some reassuring news concerning the game’s active development, and a further confirmation that the game is releasing Globally that I’m sure will put some of your fears to rest. At least for the time being.

Credit to Perazok over on Reddit for making this discovery – but Bandai Namco, Square Enix – quite a few different developers have been struggling to find quality talent to fill their ranks of late, with reports of programmers quitting their jobs from all over the world.

Bandai Namco has been hiring for well over the last year, now? 2 years? Trying to fill a few select roles – such as a Western localization director, one of the first hints at a Western version of the game.
But as Perazok posted, Bandai Namco are once again reaffirming their intentions of filling their ranks – however, on a much larger scale.

Their recruitment page on the official Bandai Namco website goes on to state:

“April and May will be held! We will hold an online individual interview for mid-career recruitment!”
“Bandai Namco Online Co., Ltd., which plans and develops PC online games such as the online action RPG “BLUE PROTOCOL” and the team battle FPS “GUNDAM EVOLUTION”, is actively hiring as new projects progress.”

This is the first time in a long time that Bandai Namco have even mentioned the game – but this recruitment phase is specifically targeting 2 different games: Blue Protocol and their Gundam Evolution FPS.

“In order to expand recruitment, we will hold an online individual interview from Thursday, May 12, 2022 to Saturday, May 14 , 2022 for all positions (game programmers, game artists, game planners, etc.) that are being recruited mid-career”

Yup, they’re finalizing recruitment on May 12th through May 14th, 2022. They’re hiring for every position, which realistically means one of two things..
1.) They’re very understaffed, and need to fill positions for every single role. This is concerning, as originally there were over 100 members working on Blue Protocol simultaneously. How many people left the dev team if that’s the case? Which, granted, it might not be.
2.) It could be that they’ve realized the monumental undertaking developing an MMO is – or can be, and need to expand their already existing team significantly if they ever want to successfully complete the game.

Either way, up until this point, Bandai Namco were merely “hiring.” Now, we’re given a definitive deadline. They WILL have the staff they need by May 14th, 2022. At that juncture, their recruitment phase will be over, and new staff will likely begin working on both of the aforementioned titles.
Which is definitely reassuring. Because – while we don’t have a confirmation as to whether the game is still on schedule for a Japanese release, we do know that they’re continuing to work on the game – and are looking to move things along at a more advanced rate.

If we proceed to click the link to see the event details, you’ll see that they provide additional information.

“Under the major foundation of the BANDAI NAMCO Group, we will continue to take on the challenge of creating original IP and online games originating in Japan that will have an impact on the world. We are looking for core members to challenge together.”

Scrolling down further we see:

“Recommended for people like this! Those who have a strong desire to make interesting online games! Those who want to take on the challenge of creating original IP! Those who emphasize teamwork and are good at working in collaboration with members of various occupations”

You can tell this is mostly tailored towards Blue Protocol. An “online game” that is also a part of an “original IP?” Yeah, that ain’t their Gundam game, guys.

If we click their project page, it redirects us to information about Blue Protocol:

“It exceeds the expectations of fans all over the world and contributes to the creation of memories.”

Further down we see yet another confirmation that Blue Protocol is targeting a Global release.

“BLUE PROTOCOL is being developed under the concept of “a world spun with overwhelming graphic expression that seems to have entered theatrical animation, and a completely new title that pursues multiplayer action that makes use of the characteristics of online games.”
Creating a new original IP, developing an online action RPG genre, and challenging the global market,”

Yes, they did actually confirm that this game is going to “challenge the global market,” once again, reiterating their intention of releasing outside of Japan – to a Western audience.

“this title is a project that puts all the power of BANDAI NAMCO Online into it. We asked Shimooka, who is in charge of the project, to talk about the background of the project, the current situation, and the vision he is drawing.”

Shimooka went on to elaborate on Blue Protocol, by stating:

“While we have strengths in the shooter genre, RPG, which is the leading genre for online games, was an undeveloped area. As an online game company that challenges the world, there is a strong belief that it is a genre that must be challenged, and “BLUE PROTOCOL” has started in collaboration with BANDAI NAMCO Studios.”

“As for the current location of the project, we are verifying and improving the feedback from users obtained in the test play conducted from 2019 to 2020 one by one. Bandai Namco Online said,” Exceeding fan expectations. However, I think this is the ultimate word for us. Regarding “BLUE PROTOCOL”, we have received the words “I’m expecting” and “I want to play fast” from people all over the world. I’m really grateful for the amount of feedback that exceeds 20,000 characters, and at the same time I feel the responsibility to create a place where I can enjoy myself. I think if I were in the opposite position. Mmm. “Because I made you wait so long, I think it will make an interesting game.” To exceed that expectation, let alone stand from the user’s point of view, without bending our policy, the whole team We are moving forward with development.”

So, Shimooka further continued by acknowledging that the dev team – and he more specifically, read what people are saying all over the world. I bet you didn’t think that was the case, huh? Not just that, but that they are still continuing to move forward with development.
Again, further confirmation that they have not ceased development at all.

“Online games have a meaning in me, life itself. It’s hard to mention the memories of the title I was working on at that time, and when I talk to the members who were playing the same title, it’s like a childhood memory. It feels like talking. I want to contribute to the creation of memories for users through “BLUE PROTOCOL”. Users with different cultures and languages can be connected by “BLUE PROTOCOL” and created in the real world. I want to make a game that is loved and valued by online game users all over the world. That is why we need to seriously target the global market. The compromise is I can’t do it at all. In a world where online play is commonplace in consumer games, I am prepared to say, “This is the answer that Bandai Nam Online has given!” For users all over the world. With “BLUE PROTOCOL”, I would like to create a game that will be a memorable one.”

Finally, Shimooka stated he wants to make a game where players all over the world can connect with one another. Without the restrictions of language or culture. Everyone can get online and play together.
That is why we need to seriously target the global market.” If that isn’t enough to convince players of their Global intentions, I really don’t know what is.

Blue Protocol is still in active development. They’re hiring to fill a lot of roles right now, with Shimooka confirming they’re continuing to move forward with development.
That’s all we needed to hear. Sure, we still don’t have any direct information from them – but this will have to suffice for now. Because it’s honestly better than nothing. Again, thanks to Perazok over on Reddit.

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    Steve Reply
    Apr 26, 2022 @ 10:38 am

    Could you also link the site pls?

  • author image
    Steve Reply
    Apr 26, 2022 @ 11:37 am

    Nvm, I thought the translated (Englisch) version was an actual site and I was going crazy that I can’t find it.
    Looked up the reddit post from Perazok now =)

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