Bless Unleashed is Continuing to Defy All Odds..

Bless Unleashed Reaches 76,000 Concurrent Players

I’ve been streaming Bless Unleashed recently, attempting to get a deeper, more accurate unbias impression of the game, and while my thoughts on Neowiz are pretty common knowledge at this point, and remain much the same as ever, I did think it was worth noting that Bless Unleashed is doing very well.
I’m recording this video as of August 16th, 2021, and as of yesterday, the game set new concurrency records – not only for the entire Bless IP, but also for the free MMO genre in general.

Now I think there are multiple reasons behind the soaring population numbers.
On the one hand, Bless has been a reviled franchise ever since Neowiz scammed players out of millions of dollars by performing a cheap bait and switch with Bless Online.
This has amounted to unparalleled amounts of negativity towards every Bless title, and while warranted, has left a lot of players curious as to whether Unleashed, the newest title in the IP is as bad as players have been claiming it would be.
Then we have players that have absolutely no idea what Bless is – players that don’t keep up to date with MMO drama, that just see an MMO in the “top 10 most played games on Steam” in the last week and want to satiate their curiosity as to why that is.
These players have absolutely no bias, and are generally just curious what this is.
We also have fans of Bless – either from their first title Bless Online, maybe from their Bless Mobile title that got shut down earlier this year, or console players that were excited to finally be able to play this on their PCs.
These players are bias, they enjoy the game, they love the IP, they went into this with the knowledge of what it was, and want to ardently support it.

Regardless of why players are trying the game out, one thing is certain: There is no reason to personally attack another person because they’re enjoying themselves in a game you don’t like.
I’ll have a full, dedicated video on my Bless shenanigans in the next week or two, but I am under no illusion that there are plenty of people actively enjoying Bless Unleashed right now. And I’m genuinely glad they are.
Everyone deserves to have fun in something they dedicate time to, and nobody has any right to claim otherwise. 76,000 concurrent players, with the game having actually increased in overall active players per week should speak volumes about what the general consensus of the game is.

Now that isn’t to say that Bless Unleashed will have 70,000 active concurrent players next month, or, heck, even next week. We saw a small decline during the first week of its release, and as per every release, as more people push through content they’ll get bored and move on.
But as of this moment, there’s no denying that Bless Unleashed has been quite the success for Neowiz – on PC anyway.

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