Bless Online – Looking Ahead, New Mystic Class Release Date, Dungeons, Realm vs Realm and More

Bless Online - Looking Head, New Mystic Class Release Date, Dungeons, Realm vs Realm and More

I know Bless Online gets shit on for being a terrible game – I’m not here to contest that opinion or attempt to convince you that it isn’t, nor am I here to continue slamming the game for no reason.
Bless Online is still around. They went free to play a little while ago and although they launched as buy to play with over 30,000 players, their free to play iteration hovers at around 1,500 concurrent active players at present.
So there are still players playing the game, players enjoying the game. Good on you guys – we’re all subject to having our own opinion and regardless of what people say about it, positive or negative, I know the game is still fun to some people.

On November 28th, Neowiz reached out to the community in another one of their high quality “Producer’s Letter’s” titled “Looking Ahead to the Mystic”.
Now although I said I’m not here to smack talk Bless.. that doesn’t mean I won’t smack talk Neowiz. Bad developers and publishers should be held accountable for their product after all.

Let’s take a moment to read through their letter and discuss what we have to look forward to.

Hello to the Bless Online community!
Since launch, we have been adding updates in quick succession to bring you the exciting content you want to see in Bless. Right after launch, we added the huge level 50 expansion, followed by a new dungeon! Coming up on December 5th, you will get to see Rift of Space and Time re-open with a brand new stage!
With the year drawing to a close, however, we wanted to give you a look a little further into the future – into the development plans for the first half of next year. We have a lot in the works, but as we know you are all most excited to hear about the new Mystic class, we wanted to give you an update!
The next new class, the Mystic, is currently in development, and is slated to be added to Bless Online on Steam in the first half of 2019. As we want to ensure a balanced, enjoyable experience with the Mystic and will put in all the work necessary to achieve that, we don’t yet have an exact release date yet. We will also ensure that all existing classes are properly balanced for the addition of the Mystic.
The Mystic will be a healer class – another option besides the Paladin for those who want to support their fellow players by keeping them alive. The Mystic’s main function will be healing and support, though they will also have skills that allow them to attack and damage enemies.
Many of the Mystic’s skills will be focused around HoT (Heal over Time) and DoT (Damage over Time) effects that will allow them to continuously damage enemies and help allies. Just like the other classes in Bless, the Mystic will have a variety of skills to choose from, allowing players to customize how they want to play.
Besides the Mystic, there are many other things to look forward to in the coming year, including new dungeons, new skills, and more – even new Realm vs Realm content!
This new RvR content will introduce PvPvE to Bless Online, as a new third power will appear and threaten both Hieron and Union. This third force, which was previously gathering its power quietly in the uncharted territories, will appear and invade the Union and Hieron mainland.
However, we don’t want to spoil everything yet! You can look forward to more updates about next year’s content down the road. Remember to check back on Friday as well to read the Update Preview for the December 5th update!
Always at your service,
Woo-Young Jung

We have a couple things to take away from this:

Firstly, they have finally confirmed that we will be receiving the new Mystic class. Players have been anticipating the Mystic since the game came out of Early Access and officially launched.
Remember, Neowiz promised that the Mystic would release when Bless left early access.
Alas, it did not, but don’t dismay. We finally have a 100% confirmed, set-in-stone announcement from Neowiz themselves: The Mystic is “slated” to be added during the first half of 2019.
Knowing Neowiz, that’s likely to be sometime during June. We’re looking at at least 6 to 7 months before we see the Mystic and that is if Neowiz don’t screw this up.
I mean it isn’t like the Mystic has been live on the Korean servers for the past couple years or anything.

Then we have the addition of Realm vs Realm content that is set to introduce a new “third power” into the game, threatening both factions.
I never got very far into Bless because I found the game to be somewhat of a chore to play through the further I got so I don’t know what that is in reference to.
Maybe someone in the comments could elaborate on it if you’ve played the Korean version extensively.
Then we have new dungeons, new skills, and, unfortunately for players, rebalancing of current classes in preparation of the Mystic’s release. And we all know how well their “rebalancing” goes.

And.. that’s pretty much it. Add on to this their ridiculous “DLC” packs that Neowiz are trying to get players to purchase and.. yeah.
The Mystic class “slated” for release within the next 7 months, new dungeons, skills, rebalancing, and new Realm vs Realm content.
That’s what you have to look forward to next year.

Now, who here wants to send me $60 million dollars so I can make an MMORPG? I accept wire transfer, Paypal, Bitcoin and even $1 dollar bills mailed through the post. I’m not picky.

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