Bless Online – Is This Great MMORPG Finally Launching Globally To Steam!? Hell Yes!!

Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings my name is Wiggy and today I’ve got some great news regarding the MMORPG Bless Online.

So, as you guys are no doubt painfully aware of, Bless Online was a hyped MMORPG scheduled for release earlier this year to the NA/EU market, and everyone was very hyped about it, as it was what seemed to be another triple AAA title, with fancy graphics, a huge open world, flying but due to scheduling issues and general delays, the original publisher for the NA/EU release dropped Bless Online. This company of course being Aeria Games, so it’s safe to say bless online dodged a bullet.

After all of this drama happened, and what everyone thought was the end of Bless Online, however Neowiz the developers of bless online, decided that instead of just scrapping Bless, they’d fix up
the issues people had with it and self publish to KR, NA and EU. Which is where the project rebuild came in. This was a test side server for Bless Online that was being updated and polished with the intention of having player feedback to help them make an MMORPG worth releasing.

Now it’s been a believe a few months since Rebuilds been out and it’s going great, they’ve polished and tweeked many features
and edit the combat system to make it faster, UI changes, the pet system, and much more. Now, due to how it’s progressing Neowiz has finally decided that they will be releasing Bless Online to steam. It’s scheduled for 2018 on steam for not just the NA/EU market, it’s being released globally so this is insane news, granted no X specific date was given, however the fact that it’s finally on steam means they’re very close to the polished and refined MMORPG they’ve been striving for.

But generally this is it guys it’s finally at that point, we’ll finally be able to play bless online very soon. I personally can’t wait, as I’ve been looking forward to playing this game properly since I heard about it. So guys I hope you’re just as exited as I am to play this MMORPG, and I’ll keep you guys informed if anything changes
regarding bless online. Anyway guys good day night or afternoon wherever it is where you are and i’ll see you guys in
the next video!

Generally I’ll be going over the information that’s been released regarding this anime MMORPG, and showing off actual gameplay!

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