Bless Online Founders Pack Info Update + Price Discussion

Video: Bless Online Founders Pack Info Update + Price Discussion

Bless Online Founders Pack Info

So, today I want to talk to you all about a recent update regarding Bless Online’s official Steam release and Founders Packs.

Now, if you’re unaware of what Bless Online is because you’ve been comatose for the last year, just realized the internet exists or had no idea what MMOs were, then you’re in for a treat.
Bless is a 3D semi-action, semi-tab-target fantasy MMORPG that should – lest the game in actuality turn out terrible, satiate people’s appetite for a good MMORPG to hold us over until A:IR or Ashes of Creation releases.

Neowiz recently announced that the game would release with a buy to play model – meaning a single purchase of the game is all that is required to play the game forever.
With that announcement, people were ultimately left to ponder the exact price range of the game.
Around 20 hours ago, Steam was updated with exactly 4 additional Bless Online related items.
People have since speculated, as Neowiz plans to officially announce the exact prices on May 11th, that three of those are Founders Packs, with the fourth and final item being the base game itself.
Fans have been hoping for a reasonable price, something akin to a $10 purchase when in reality – if it follows through with how Founders packs generally release, we’re looking around $29, $49, and finally $99 for the largest pack.

Now – this isn’t an absolute. It is in no way a guarantee or confirmed in any sense. However, it is a very definitive possibility.

Finally, with Neowiz’s press conference coming in 2 days, we will get an exact price along with (hopefully) a release date for Early Access, but that aside, let me ask you: What price are you hoping for and what will you be willing to pay?

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