Bless Online English Gameplay – Is This The Greatest MMORPG? Let’s Find Out!

Visually, Bless Online is one very, very gorgeous MMORPG. As soon as we logged in and were hit with the Bless Online Character Creator screen we knew that the game was going to look good. Little did we know that the game was going to look incredible though. After spending over half an hour creating our beautiful Elven characters, Wiggy and I found ourselves thrown into an amazingly detailed, beautiful fantasy world. Right off the bat we were hit with a well animated fight scene and some great quality Russian voice acting. We’ve heard the Korean dub is great as well – here’s hoping the English dub produced by Aeria Games can live up to the two.

The first thing we thought when entering though was “Everyone says the combat in Bless Online is supposed to be terrible”, so, naturally, our first goal was to test the combat out for ourselves and see whether or not the combat in Bless Online was as bad as everyone else made it out to be. Honestly, it wasn’t. The combat in Bless Online wasn’t bad at all but this could of course be because the combat for the Russian version of the game was already overhauled. Whether or not that is the case – we tested the combat as our 2 classes quite a bit and found that (at least as Mage and Paladin) Bless Online’s combat seems pretty decent. The ping issues were a little noticeable but other than that the combat was good enough to be enjoyable.

We’re not far enough in yet to comment on much more than graphics and combat, but the questing system, voiced cutscenes, and story seem to add a lot to an MMORPG that I thought would not be very good. Here’s hoping Aeria Games can manage to successfully bring it over in time before the momentum and hype dies off. Bless Online seems like a very, very fun game and I would hate for it to die before it gets the chance to really take off.

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    blackthantos Reply
    Apr 8, 2017 @ 18:30 pm

    Yeah I didnt find it all that bad either and not to the degree that some youtubers were ripping into it for, have played alot worse for sure.

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      ByteStix Reply
      Apr 9, 2017 @ 4:54 am

      Yeah I know. A lot of people just bitch and whine at how bad the game is without really having even played it. It’s nothing groundbreaking but the game looks great and it plays perfectly fine. Far from a 10/10 title but really.. nowhere near deserving of the hate.

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    Trevor Reply
    Apr 17, 2017 @ 7:48 am

    When does the english version get released to the western world?

    • author image
      ByteStix Reply
      Apr 21, 2017 @ 1:17 am

      It’s supposed to be this year, according to Aeria Games!

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