Bless Mobile Showcases New Trailer

Bless Mobile Showcases New Trailer

Alright, here we are. Finally, after what seemed like almost too long without any news of a Bless title.. Bless Mobile had their trailer released.
Now the trailer in specific was uploaded directly to the Joy City Youtube channel, and I’ll admit.. honestly, as far as Mobile games go.. it doesn’t look terrible. It’s interesting that it looks quite a bit different to both Bless Online and Bless Unleashed, while also retaining the look and feel of a Bless game.
Bless Mobile is based on Bless Online – which if you have forgotten, was terribly received. Bless Unleashed, while definitely an improvement over Bless Online also has quite the stigma surrounding it.

The team behind Bless Mobile are claiming it is “The next generation MMORPG,” which is quite a bold claim to make.
I feel as though every new Mobile MMO makes that same grandiose statement, something akin to “We’re going to have the bestest, most awesomest MMO with features so advanced there won’t be another game that can even come close to rivaling us.”
Now before I go any further, I do want to preface this by stating that although Bless Mobile is technically being built from the ground up as a game completely separate from Bless Online, it is still using the original Bless graphical assets, much like Bless Unleashed.
As you can no doubt tell from the trailers released up until this point, the game is going to have 4 races. Each race has their own unique look and character creator options, much like something you’d expect out of a South Korean MMO.

The game is supposedly completely open-world, featuring a large map to explore. However from what is visible in the trailers, much of this “open-world exploration” will take place while auto-pathing.
Much in the same way as the majority of MMOs, Bless Mobile is not only built on Unreal Engine 4, but it will also feature large scale guild vs guild PvP. I’ve seen this first hand in several Mobile MMOs and I can safely say that it isn’t nearly as intuitive as they make it seem.
The most important thing I believe is worth noting is the fact that the dev team behind the game, ThinkFun are going to be launching Bless Mobile onto PC after it launches onto Mobile devices. So.. this will be.. Bless Online Mobile Online 2? I guess would be an accurate name for the game.
While I haven’t played the game yet and honestly can’t say much about it other than it looks highly generic, I cannot believe they think that players are going to want to play an inferior Bless game, made for mobile devices.. on their PC. I just.. I cannot even fathom this thought process.

This is a weird game. This is a weird direction to take the game. I don’t really know what to think other than.. why?

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