Bless Mobile Just Launched, And… Yeah, It’s Bad.

Bless Mobile Just Launched, And... Yeah, It's Bad.

For the 2, maybe 3 of you that are actually interested in yet another Bless title.. you’ll be happy to know that the new Bless Mobile MMORPG has now launched in South Korea.
Yup – as if Bless Online’s failure in a handful of countries, and Bless Unleashed wasn’t already enough, Bless Mobile is now fully playable.
Not just that – but it’s also built on Unreal Engine 4, something that many a fan had wished Bless Online had upgraded to before attempting to scam Western players out of their money.

The interesting thing worth noting is the fact that the developers behind the game have made the bold claim that it looks visually superior to Bless Online, what with it being built on a stronger, more updated engine.
In reality.. it looks like hot garbage. I’ve seen at least half a dozen MMOs release in the last year that look infinitely better than Bless Mobile and that is my complete unbiased opinion.
Like I can say that Bless Unleashed looks really damn good for an Xbox MMO even though I personally dislike Bless Online. But Bless Mobile? I wouldn’t bother wasting my time. Seeing what other players have said about the game online pretty much mirrors my thoughts on it as well.
Regardless, Bless Mobile is currently being prepped for an English release in the near future. When specifically is unknown but it’s safe to say that it won’t be long. Whether or not the Western market is really interested in getting another Bless title is another story all together, though.

I mean I looked at the character creation and they did a solid job with that. But outside of the pretty good looking character models, the combat is very clunky, incredibly slow and unintuitive for an MMO built on an existing IP in this day and age.
Oh, and the gender-locked classes? Yeah, I’m not really interested in another gender-locked auto-playing mobile gacha game.

Honestly, at this point I feel like they should just stop attempting to both develop and publish Bless titles. They cannot make their games any worse than they already are.
Plus, you could be wasting your time in much better looking and much better playing mobile MMOs.

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    Eric Godin Reply
    Apr 7, 2020 @ 0:44 am

    I love bless unleashed so Fars and it will get better you should do a review of the game also I join the discord server and I did not got the point for it for the giveaway don’t know why

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