Bless Global is Here – And Nobody Cares

Bless Global is Here - And Nobody Cares

You know what they say, right? If at first you don’t succeed, try several more times, and if you still continue to fail, go the blockchain and NFT route.
First there was Bless Online.. then after that abomination, was Bless Unleashed.. which after failing horrendously, came Bless Mobile.. but now, after three failures – we have.. Bless Global.
The very first AAA level fully cross-platform compatible MMORPG on PC and Mobile, from GameFi – the same people behind one of the worst rated games I’ve seen on the Google Play Store: Yulgang Online, a play to earn Mobile MMO.
But with so many failures under their belt, you might be wondering what makes Bless Global different to the games that were created and released before it? Like Yulgang Online: Blockchain technology and NFTs.

According to a Press Release from Tigon Mobile, a subsidiary of Longtu Korea, pre-registration for Bless Global began on August 12th, last week. Players are capable of visiting the pre-registration page if being scammed and taken advantage of 3 times already wasn’t enough.
As of today, August 16th – 4 days after having pre-registration open, there have been less than 15,000 total players that have pre-registered. 13,891. Yup.. I think, finally, players might be catching on. It only took 5 years, hundreds of millions of dollars wasted, and repeated re-releases.

Bless Global is GameFi’s first AAA attempt in the Web3 world. To bring their vision to life, Tigon Mobile and Game Space will be collaborating on a platform, PocketBuff, to support NFT transactions.
Bless Global is supposedly adapting the entire PC game of Bless Online – not Bless Unleashed, its story, its lore, with – in their words, not mine, “console-level graphics.” Console-level graphics on a mobile device. Right. Yeah. I can totally see that.
Bless Global is GameFi’s first AAA level MMORPG. “Besides the game’s rich and interesting characteristics, it also incorporates the latest trend of blockchain technology NFT and utility tokens gameplay, providing multiple earning opportunities, traditional gameplay and NFTs to generate a variety of fun ways to play!
Complete the official website sign-up to get a chance at PASS Card drops, and enjoy a high drop rate of NFT earnings in advance!”
Doesn’t that just sound inviting?

According to a spokesperson from Tigon Mobile, the new Bless MMO is going to be launching completely cross-platform. Which in Asia, means “it’s a mobile game that has a very deeply flawed, highly unoptimized PC port that we half-assed at the last moment to maximize earnings.”
This is to – in their words, ensure accessibility and continuous enjoyment for all users. With regards to play to earn, Tigon Mobile says they are dedicated to expanding the platform’s ecosystem.

It’s unconfirmed when specifically this game is launching, but it’s launching soon. The fact that they’re currently in pre-registration is evidence of that.
But seriously.. SERIOUSLY.. does anyone actually believe we need ANOTHER failed Bless MMO? Anyone at all?

  • author image
    Antoinette Hines Reply
    Aug 19, 2022 @ 16:08 pm

    Even the most successful people have experienced failure at some point.

  • author image
    Dyslogix Reply
    Sep 24, 2022 @ 7:02 am

    Oh god no, we contributed to Bless online which lasted less than a year in longevity, then it became Bless unleashed ( no doubt using the money Bless online cash cow grabbed ), and now Bless global? Na, you can keep it lol

    I’ll wait for another game to support, those grabbing foofs aren’t getting another penny from me.

  • author image
    acidgod Reply
    Jan 30, 2023 @ 16:16 pm

    kill the fucks who keep stealing from gamers these filth deserve nothing but our worst fuck bless and the team that uses it to steal fuck u bless

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