Bless Eternal.. It’s Almost Like Neowiz Don’t Care at This Point.

Bless Eternal.. It's Almost Like Neowiz Don't Care at This Point.

Wait, what day is it today? Monday the 1st of April? No? It isn’t April 1st 2020? Well, crap.

So, in news that I totally called back when Neowiz shut Bless Online down, a brand new upcoming MMORPG has been announced.
I mentioned in my latest Weekly Byte of MMORPG News video that I would do more of a dedicated video on it because.. well, this is the mobile channel and it needs to be talked about.
But yes, Neowiz have officially announced their newest game: Bless Eternal.
As if launching Bless Online in several countries around the world, having it shut down in every single country it released in, scamming North American and European players out of money launching buy-to-play, then shortly after swapping to a free-to-play title, then announcing a brand new Xbox One exclusive port wasn’t enough, now they want to con us out of even more money with a mobile game.

Like, seriously, what do they take us for? I know the mobile market is no doubt going to fall for this because people throw money around at mobile games like it’s nothing, but I’m honestly disgusted that Neowiz is still trying to milk us for anything more they can.
I get as developers they want to make as much money as they can, but come on, how much more pathetic can you get? And moreso than that, how much more money are we going to spend on their trash?
Thus far, Bless Eternal has been announced for a South Korean release, with it having no English release planned.. for the immediate future. Yet with how Neowiz has treated our region, you can bet they’re going to launch over here as soon as they can.

Other than the release of a small trailer – which showed us.. pretty much nothing, there has been no information regarding the kind of game it’s going to be, what features will carry over from other Bless incarnations or, heck, even the combat.
Only that the game is being built on Unreal Engine 4. But honestly, most mobile games these days are releasing on Unreal Engine 4 so this isn’t really something you can gloat about.
Now I do want to note that Neowiz actually announced back in October that there were 2 different Bless mobile productions in development.
Yes, Bless Eternal isn’t going to be the only game to look forward to – you can thank Neowiz as they heard your prayers and are giving you double the content, and double the microtransactions!

As you can tell, yes, I’m not really all too thrilled with the announcement of Bless mobile games.
I spent money purchasing Bless Online on PC when it launched and I had high hopes for the game, having played the South Korean and Russian versions both.
I know people who bought the most expensive Founder’s Packs, which were what? $150? $200? Something absurd like that. Then without even consulting the community they went free-to-play, and.. shut down the next year.
A company like that doesn’t deserve our time, our attention and let alone our money.

Nevertheless, for those of you that are excited for the upcoming Bless MMO, both of them, you might wanna go ahead and read up on the history of the IP. You might learn a thing or two before wasting time on either of them.

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