Blade & Soul 2 is Coming to PC!

I’ve covered Blade & Soul II a couple times now. I thought that the development of a direct sequel to the popular Blade & Soul PC MMORPG for mobile was a terrible idea, as this is a title that has been readily available to PC players for  years at this point, with players having spent years accumulating gear, items and bonding with their characters and world.

Interestingly enough, it turns out that after years spent developing the game for mobile exclusively.. NCSoft have confirmed their intentions of developing and publishing the upcoming MMORPG on not only mobile devices, but also PC as well (with potential opportunities for console and cloud gaming support if the game is received well enough and warrants the time and effort spent on it.)

This is.. bizarre, as Blade & Soul II is still going to be a mobile game but a mobile game that is poorly ported on over to every other platform there is. Do we honestly need a mobile Blade & Soul to replace the PC iteration of the game? Why not just optimize and overhaul the PC game (we’re still waiting on that Unreal Engine 4 overhaul, NCSoft!) and port that on over to consoles instead?
Oh, right, money.

Additionally, for players interested in playing the MMO when it releases, NCSoft have opened pre-registration for the game ahead of its release in South Korea this year, but no date has been given for an international release yet.

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    Tien Dat Reply
    Feb 20, 2021 @ 17:14 pm

    I believe the game could to me

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