Blade & Soul 2 Confirmed for 2021!

Blade & Soul 2 was announced way back at G-Star 2018. Since then, a couple small trailers and teasers were released to attempt to generate hype for the game.
It was sorely needed, as since it was announced, any anticipation players had for the game has all but sizzled out.
Also note that Blade & Soul 2 is very different to any other Blade & Soul games in development, as this title in specific is aimed at being a direct sequel to its PC predecessor.

Yet since its announcement back in 2018.. while yes, we’ve received a couple teasers, there has been no confirmation of a release date for the game.
We’ve been left this entire time hoping, year after year that this would be the year we got to actually play the game.
As of earlier this week, it turns out that NCSoft may have actually given us the affirmation we need: According to their newest teaser for the game, Blade & Soul 2 will be coming in 2021.
Interestingly enough, this was released as a global statement as opposed to a regional announcement, so that means this could very well be their confirmation of a 2021 global release of the upcoming MMORPG.

Blade & Soul 2 takes place some time after the events of the original game, where each of the heroes that fought valiantly alongside you – as the hero – have all become legends.
Yet at the same time, we’re going to be introduced to a brand new cast of characters – characters that will not only propel your journey ever forward, but also aid you in accomplishing whatever the end-game goal of ours is.
Probably to silently move through a plethora of different zones, liberating the populace of each one as we inch ever closer to a brand new super-powerful evil that no doubt threatens the end of all life as we know it.

There are supposedly a plethora of different features in the works for the game: Smarter AI – whatever that means. Areas will be the same but they’ll be altered accordingly.
I’m sure additional areas will be introduced as well. Supposedly, the NPCs will also not only “adapt to their surroundings,” including the enemies that wander the zones, but they’re also going to – in their words – be “a part of the ecosystem.”
To me, this all sounds like they’re hyping a bunch of different features that they think will be next-generation when in reality, the NPCs are just going to be in completely unknown areas and will be a nightmare to locate due to pathing issues. This is a mobile game after all.

All in all, I think this could be a cool MMO to play, but at the same time with how MMOs out of South Korea are looking lately, I wouldn’t put my eggs in one basket. Instead, I’d buy like.. 5, maybe 6 baskets and fill each one with more than one egg. Different colored eggs, even. Different sizes, too.
This is NCSoft after all – when have they ever developed a game that was actually worth our time? Well, I guess back with Lineage and Lineage 2 for PC. But they have long-since passed their expiration dates for this current generation of gamer.

So while we’ll be getting the game next year – at an undisclosed time next year, granted – I’d hold off on getting overly excited until we actually get a solid, complete look at the game.

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    Melchezedik Perocho Reply
    Jan 4, 2021 @ 23:20 pm

    Make it on PC 😀

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