Blade and Soul – We Finally Downed One!

Whew, so many things happened in today’s video! We came across another boss that we (naturally) attempted to fight – and we actually killed him! Yes! Just the two of us! Then, Wiggy went and acted like an ass to her Thrall – for no reason mind you! Poor innocent thrall, being enslaved by Wiggy to do her bidding.

Finally.. we both hit level 30! Yes! We’re finally in our 30’s LOL

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    Justin says:
    WoW please thank you...
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    AtomLight says:
    I want Astellia Online Please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease > <...
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    Sue Scaletta says:
    Thanks so much guys for this opportunity =) I really enjoy your content especially Blue Protocol *h...
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    Charles says:
    I would really love to play the elder scrolls online, really poor person, but really do love my game...
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    Braydon Jones says:
    This game just keeps getting better and better!!...