Blade and Soul: Warden’s Fury Adds New Warden Class On September 12th

Blade and Soul: Warden's Fury Adding New Warden Class

NCSoft have announced that they will be launching their new update for Blade and Soul titled “Warden’s Fury” on September 12th, 2018. The Warden’s Fury update will continue the epic story arc (Act 9: Cruel Reunion), add the Shadowmoor dungeon, and release their brand new Greatsword wielding Warden class. All existing players will be given a Wandering Swordsman Pack when the class launches on September 12th. The pack offering various useful items such as an XP Charm, a unique Untold Fury Costume, Hairstyle and an Endless Fury Illusion Weapon Box.

Seek Vengeance

Enter the Frenzied Stance to deal massive amounts of damage to any who stand in your way. Wildly and recklessly swing your Greatsword with no regard for your own life.

Protect Your Allies

Engage Guardian Stance to shield your fellow warriors from enemy attacks. Utilize your skills to neutralize your opponent and keep your friends alive.

You can read more about the Warden’s Fury update over on the official Blade and Soul website.

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    Kenneth Brocksmith Reply
    Aug 28, 2018 @ 18:53 pm

    Mmobyte please inform people of the new event comming with the update look at the website it is to help those who are returning or just starting out to get to end game much faster also free to play players will also be happy with the new update make this the selling point of the update not the new class please people aren’t going to come back to a game like bns just because of a class the mass grinding know for getting to end game is absolutely horrible this event makes that grind go away please do some research your headline in this update look s not what it should be

  • author image
    Kenneth Brocksmith Reply
    Aug 28, 2018 @ 19:00 pm

    Just saying you make no mention of the event that is being released with the update please if you like blade and soul then do so please people will care more for the event then the class if they are free to play the event offers alot you can get caught up with hm energy, pet aura, weapon upgrades, ect

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