Blade and Soul: Revolution Mobile Korean Release Date Revealed, Western Release Incoming?

Blade and Soul: Revolution Mobile Korean Release Date Revealed

Netmarble held its media conference for Blade and Soul: Revolution on October 11th, and had quite a bit of information to divulge regarding the upcoming free to play MMORPG. Blade and Soul: Revolution, powered by Unreal Engine 4 is based on the popular IP from NCSoft, “Blade and Soul“, released on PCs with a console port in the works, was revealed to have finally been given an official launch date for South Korea: December 6, with pre-registration beginning yesterday. Blade and Soul: Revolution, following in the footsteps of NCSoft’s other mobile adaptation, Lineage 2: Revolution, will follow the original game’s story, including the conflict with Jinsoyun and the search for Twilight’s Edge while aiming to stay as true to the original PC game as possible.

Blade and Soul: Revolution Features

Key features from the PC iteration of Blade and Soul are making its way into Revolution, including the glide and sprint mechanics which are said to be a requirement to explore the 5 massive zones that comprise Blade and Soul: Revolution. Additional features include large-scale real-time 500 vs 500 clan battles that make use of watchtowers and cannons to provide strategic elements to the game, and over 150 high-quality cinematic cutscenes that are completely voice-acted.

Blade and Soul: Revolution Classes and Races

There are 4 total races announced to be making their way into the game, the Jin, Gon, Yun and Lyn. There are 4 classes associated with each of those races, having the Blade Master and Kung Fu Master (JIN), Destroyer (GON), Blade Master and Kung Fu Master (YUN), Machinist/Force Master (LYN). The Machinist for the Lyn is actually supposedly a new class but is reminiscent of the Force Master as it makes use of elemental spells.

This is actually a downgrade in terms of what is available on PC, as the PC version has access to Assassin, Blade Master, Destroyer, Force Master, Kung Fu Master, Summoner, Blade Dancer, Warlock, Soul Fighter, Gunslinger, Warden.

Although these classes are all that is available right now, this does not mean NCSoft has no plans of introducing those classes as the game continues to receive updates.

Blade and Soul: Revolution NA / EU English Release

While there has been no confirmed English release for Blade and Soul: Revolution as of yet, Lineage 2: Revolution had a rather fast Western release so we can expect Blade and Soul: Revolution to hit Western shores sometime in the near future!

Blade and Soul: Revolution Class Footage

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    Corey Reply
    Oct 13, 2018 @ 17:07 pm

    Fuck you stupid ass game devs. Ruining mmos by putting them on mobile before you put them on console. And again with the korean only bull shit. Fuck off for real. You mf suck. And wonder why your games fail. Nobody wants to spend all their free time squinting to play a mmo. Literally nobody. Its trash.

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    Gentleman Reply
    Oct 14, 2018 @ 11:44 am

    Wow you are sure a smart one, are you?

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    WAR Reply
    Oct 14, 2018 @ 15:21 pm

    Worst Dev team overall, all they care about is p2w and not fixing a single damn bug or common problems like fps or crashes, ignoring feedbacks and not even giving compensations for emergency 6hours maintenance… I rather play what im playing right now and not play any shit related to blade and aoul.

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