Blade And Soul NEW UPDATE Fire & Blood & Lyn Gunslinger Coming Soon!

Blade And Soul - Fire & Blood Launching March 21st!

If you don’t remain up to date with Blade and Soul’s news and updates then allow me to fill you in on their latest happenings. Blade and Soul is receiving another new update. The new update, titled “Fire and Blood” – which not only sounds ominous but also badass, by the way – is releasing officially on the 21st of March

At this juncture you’re likely wondering what additional content the Fire and Blood update actually brings to Blade and Soul. Let’s start off with Koldrak’s Lair first. It is a new 12 player raid that is being introduced into the game. Adding on to the new raid are various new dungeons, “Emperor’s Tomb” and “Ransacked Treasury”, which both look to be exciting to play through!

While having new dungeons and raids to play through is all well and good.. heck, any content that adds on to the expansion of a game is always fantastic to have, group PvE activities aren’t the only additions to the game that the update brings. NCSoft is actually unlocking the Gunslinger class – which was originally locked behind both the Jin and Yun making it available to the little Lyn race due to popular demand! So, if you ever wanted to be a little gunslinging badass with a fluffy tail and ears to match, you’re in luck!

More information will be made available the closer we get to the launch date.

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