Blade and Soul Announces New Class

Spring's Letter from the Producer

It’s about that time again – The Blade and Soul producer has issued the Spring 2018 Producer’s Letter.

There’s all the usual stuff about what a wonderful X amount of time the game has had, and comments on the changes the game has seen in the past year such as daily log in rewards, the gunslinger class, the addition of the showroom and other fun titbits.

Content and features coming this year includes; more story content in the form of Epic Quests, more solo, Heroic and 12 man Raid dungeons, a new “Legendary Equipment Upgrade system”, more costumes (because of course), new in game mechanics including fishing, new events and holiday stuff and the announced shift to Unreal Engine 4 which should improve the overall performance of the game.

But we’re not here for that!

A great sword? It's the BEST sword!

Blade & Soul New Class

What we’re here for is, of course, the announcement of a new class, described in the letter as “a greatsword-wielding tank powered by brute strength”. The letter further details that the class will sacrifice it’s own HP to power it’s skills, akin to a Dark Knight style class in the famous Final Fantasy series.

I for one am quite interested to see how a tanking class fares with a HP sacrificing mechanic. It could require a great level of skill to play correctly without skill-spamming yourself to death, or alternatively with enough healing behind you it could become a skill smashing powerhouse.

Either way, I’m very eager to try out the new class

Will you take up the (great)sword?

I’m definitely going to be giving the new class a go when it comes out, as I’m very curios how it will play, and how well it can mesh with the existing content and classes in the game.

What do you think? Are you excited for the new class? Hyped for the extra performance coming from the engine upgrade? Don’t really care? Let us know in the comments, or join in the discussion on The MMOByte Discord

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