Black Gold Online – The Sexiest PLOT In An MMORPG!

Black Gold Online has some of the greatest looking PLOT in an MMORPG, ever! Granted, other MMORPGs like Blade and Soul and Scarlet Blade have some pretty fantastic PLOT as well but Black Gold Online allows you to.. craft your PLOT in your own way. It allows you quite a bit of freedom on how large or small your PLOT really is.

All in all, Black Gold Online (at least starting on this side) was a much more enjoyable experience than the first time we tried it. When we first tried Black Gold, we were fairly bored and didn’t find it entertaining really at all.

I just wish I’d managed to beat Wiggy in a duel. I can’t believe I was an AoE class – I thought I was a powerful mage! LOL

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    Arman Leo Baluca says:
    Please release the game now.....
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    acidgod says:
    kill the fucks who keep stealing from gamers these filth deserve nothing but our worst fuck bless...
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    Kexin says:
    Any new updates on the progress? Hope PWE releases English version! I miss JD and would love for it ...
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    Chris Dancy says:
    DDO - Dungeons and dragons online IS NOT free. You must buy quest packs and maps for each and every ...
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    RedKolz says:
    Hello, i'm very excited for the game. btw if anyone has a friend invite code for the Japan CB please...