Black Desert Online Update Adds NPC Dating

Black Desert Online Update Adds NPC Dating

Fans of Black Desert Online can now express their affections towards various NPCs in Kakao Games’ latest update. Players are capable of conveying their affections towards NPC through gifts, increasing Amity towards them. Gifting NPCs items consumes energy however, and therefore the amount you can gift per any individual day is limited. Upon reaching 1,000 Amity, the player is finally capable of confessing how he or she really feels.

NPCs require time to think players’ confessions over, however, deciding who they ultimately want as their lover after a set period of time has elapsed. The player remains in a relationship for an entire week, after which if you no longer maintain the highest Amity, the NPC can proceed to dump you and find a more suitable partner.

Additional NPC Dating Features

  • If the NPC accepts your confession, you will become their lover and earn a special in-game title with a distinct color.
  • If you succeed in winning 5 NPCs over to accept your confession, you will earn the special in-game title “Philanderer.”
  • If you succeed in winning 10 NPCs over to accept your confession, you will earn the special in-game title “Casanova.”

NPC's Available To Date

NPC Name Position
Crio Fish Vendor of Velia
Eileen General Goods Vendor of Velia
Valks Trina Knights Master of Calpheon City
Bahar Trade Manager of Velia
Brego Williar Delphe Knights Captain of Delphe Knights Castle
Leona Elionian Priest of Calpheon City
Richter Trade Manager of Trent
Grace Lauren Valley Lily Inn Owner of Heidel
Elina Leight Kalis Councilor (Leight Family) of Calpheon City
Isobelle Encarotia Calpheon-Xian Alliance of Heidel
Dominic Erne Kalis Councilor (Erne Family) of Calpheon City
Santo Manzi Work Supervisor of Velia
Annolisa Rosie Calpheon College Librarian of Calpheon City
Luwensley Weapon Management of Longleaf Tree Sentry Post
Ornella Arms Dealer of Heidel

Is Black Desert Online Worth Playing in 2018?

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