Black Desert Online Striker Class Trailer & Information

What’s up all you beautiful Byte’s out there! My name is Stix, and today I wanna throw at you guys some awesome new information regarding Black Desert Online.

Pearl Abyss, the Korean developer for Black Desert Online has recently announced a ton of new content for the popular MMORPG.
One part in particular caught my attention, however.. specifically, the information regarding the new Striker class.
I know, this may be a week or two late but I figured for those of you that don’t know – or aren’t up to date with the Korean version of the game – this will likely be news to you!
So, yes, Black Desert Online is getting another new class after the recent addition of the Dark Knight to the game – and it looks awesome!
Granted, it is gender locked like always but you guys can rejoice in the fact that it is in fact a male as opposed to another female exclusive class again. Like TERA does.

Anyway, I’ll give you guys a look at the trailer and you can all tell me what you think!

So now that that’s outta the way, let’s talk about the new class. It goes by the name of “Striker”, and has quite a lot of people comparing it to the Monk in the Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood trailer.
I can see the similarities personally and Pearl Abyss may have even taken inspiration from the Stormblood trailer – who knows.
Regardless, the Striker class is supposed to blend a mixture of traditional martial arts with less traditional street fighting combat.
The class is being marketed as a “bare knuckles brawler that is quick on his feet.”
What this means is that the class actually uses his fists to fight (along with his feet I believe), as opposed to the rest of the classes using a weapon or magic in combat.

The Striker will likely be more of a 1v1 class as opposed to an AoE focused class but that should be pretty obvious just by looking at the trailer.

The new Striker class is supposed to have gone live on the official Korean servers on April 20, therefore it should be live today so long as nothing gets in the way of its release.
As for the North American and EU releases of the class – there’ll likely be anywhere between a 1 to 3 month wait before the update hits our servers.

I won’t be going into detail regarding what the update brings other than the addition of the Striker class as that is the point of this video!

With that being said, are you excited for the new Striker class? Let me know in the comments section below!

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