Black Desert Online Remastered Gameplay Footage, New Class, 2019 Future Explained

Black Desert Online Remastered Information

So last week I did a video on Black Desert Online’s new extensive graphical and audio overhaul, where Pearl Abyss have mentioned that they’re remastering the game, improving both the audio and visual quality.
They just released a new gameplay trailer for it along with information pertaining to the remaster – and I’m doing a video on it to clear things up.. whilst giving an objective opinion on it as well.

Kwang Hyun Ko, the lead graphics programmer over at Pearl Abyss detailed what the improvements included in the overhaul:

Physically-based rendering, physically-based lighting, physically-based atmospheric scattering, volumetric clouds, HDR rendering, YEBIS-powered improved post-processing, improved screen-space reflections, improved ambient occlusion, improved ocean rendering, and cloth simulation.

While initially concerning at first glance – they went on to further elaborate on the new system requirements for the game. Or, rather, that there won’t be any increase in the recommended system requirements to actually run the game.
Instead, the game itself will undergo an entire optimization overhaul, aiming at improving performance all-round.

New Gameplay Changes, Male Archer, Region and More

Gameplay changes which at present have yet to be expanded on will also be included, along with overhauling the Black Spirit skills you dump your rage into.

Additional changes to the game with the remaster come in the form of leveling- or, rather, monster difficulty.
Although I’m unable to confirm this personally as I’ve not leveled a new character recently, apparently the difficulty in the leveling experience is too easy, resulting in Pearl Abyss increasing the power of monsters to make them more challenging.
There will also be questing-related tweaks, but honestly.. who really does quests to level?

Although not included in the remaster, a brand new region dominated by the Ahib named Ordilita is under development and will be implemented in-game next year.

Later this year, Pearl Abyss also have plans of introducing the Male Ranger into the game. The Male Ranger, unlike his female counterpart, utilizes a crossbow and magic gloves.
Combat will be slower in comparison, but they will deal increased damage.

There are other changes being made to the game like a new Military Subjugation system, allowing players to send our their alts on missions to various regsions to find rare items that would normally be dropped in the associated regions.
Along with a new marketplace update that.. well, in essence, gives players the ability to set a certain price they’re willing to purchase an item at, and when an item is registered at that price, you automatically purchase it.
I guess it makes it more hands-off. ’cause we need less reasons to play the game.

So, to sum all of this up..
Pearl Abyss are overhauling the game.
There will be a lot of graphical improvements, along with some basic audio improvements.
The improvements shouldn’t have a negative effect on the overall experience of the game, and in some instances may even improve performance.
However this is all hear-say right now. Until it goes live officially – and I’m talking 100% live, not on the public test realm – we won’t know for certain.
The additional improvements, new class, and increase to difficulty all sound interesting and exciting – as does the new region.
So players that wanted new content should at least be able to take solace – even if only a little – in the fact that there will be a new region, with the potential to offer new content.
I know a lot of people are waiting for dungeons to be added. I know a lot of people want there to be PvE servers because they don’t like PvP combat.
I know there are a lot of things Pearl Abyss could have been working on instead of overhauling the game. But, unfortunately, this is the hand that we’ve been dealt.
While not bad – it’s not, really. New class, new region, potential performance improvements.. this isn’t a bad update – There’s still the fact that a lot of people can’t get into the game because there’s no real PvE scene.
And the grind for gear is just absurd. Like, it’s the reason I can’t get into the game. I lack the time and dedication to knowingly attempt to improve my gear with the chance of it being destroyed. I’m not nearly brave enough to attempt or risk that.

So hopefully for those of you that were fearful of the game destroying any hope of continuing to play it – this puts your minds at.. at least a little ease.
For those of you eagerly awaiting new content – I know this won’t sate your appetite, but hopefully this update is enough to at least give you a little more to do.
And for everyone else.. Good luck playing!

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