Black Desert Online New Absolute Skills & Black Desert Online Officially Released!

Black Desert Online Adds New Absolute Skills And 3D Mini Map

Kakao Games have recently announced the further expansion of their game through Absolute Skills, new features such as a 3D mini map and their new Black Desert Online Mobile port!

I would like to preface this article by pointing out that Black Desert Online is having its 2nd Western birthday – with which they will be adding various new features – most notably a mini map. We’re all well aware that Black Desert has a built in mini-map, but this new addition isn’t as simplistic as you’d believe. The new mobile port for Black Desert brings with it many improvements and adjustments – this new mini map being one of them. Please refer to the video above to view the similarities between both the old and new 3D mini map. This new 3D mini map is said to help you traverse the world by detailing where distinct notable objects in the environment, such as mountains and buildings are located.

Furthermore, Kakao have plans to alter each of the classes’ non awakened forms through various tweaks. What they’re doing, more specifically is adding in something called “Absolute Skills”. The goal of these new skills is to provide each class with a myriad of new attack and attack combinations in an attempt to make Pre-Awakened Main Weapon attacks less inferior to their Awakened counterparts.

Kakao went on to further note that every single class will be receiving new Absolute Skills.

Black Desert Online Mobile Officially Launches!

Black Desert Online Mobile has officially launched in South Korea – and while that doesn’t mean anything for us Westerners, the fact remains that we do receive updates released in South Korea fairly fast.

Now, do note that Black Desert Online mobile isn’t just a patch that adds new features – it is an entire game, so realistically it could be years before we even get news of a confirmed English release.

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