Black Desert Online Mother’s Day Event + Balance Patch

Mother's Day In The Desert

Today’s content patch brings the new Mother’s Day event content, which involves helping Santo Manzi give his mother a bouquet of flowers to show his appreciation (but he can’t love her that much, because he’s making us do the work.)

The event runs from May 9th to May 16th, and has a quest line and daily events attached to it, a handy guide to which can be found On the official website Here.

Balance Overhaul

A large number of classes are having various awakening skills rebalanced, which has caused some unrest within the community.

The main cause of contention is the removal of Invincible, Super Armour and Forward Guard effects from a large number of Awakening class skills, as some classes were able to remain essentially unkillable for a large amount of time.

For the full rundown of all of the changes, visit the Patch Notes Page on the official website

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