Black Desert Online – Dark Knight First Look Gameplay

So Black Desert Online recently released their newest class: Dark Knight a couple days ago, and today we decided to try it out. We leveled the Dark Knight up to level 20 and were testing out the class and skills to see whether or not Dark Knight was something we’d enjoy playing more in Black Desert.

The class is very slow, and at the same time feels a little clunky, but that didn’t make us dislike the class. Having played fast classes like Maehwa, Kunoichi, Tamer, Berserker, Witch and Sorcerer, we were just a little taken aback by how much slower the combat was for Dark Knight. We were also not used to having our MP continue to drain outside of combat – which made going into combat a little more difficult but definitely that much more fun.

The character, or class, rather, herself is absolutely beautiful, and is one of the best looking classes in the game at present – although we did have a problem with the textures for the body and face not being correctly matched up. If you check where the neck connects to the body you’ll find that there is a distinct difference in color between her head/face/neck and the rest of her body. Which isn’t too much of a problem – but perhaps something the BDO devs may want to fix in the future!

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