Black Desert Mobile Has Launched!

Black Desert Mobile Looks Great

Yes, you heard that correctly. Black Desert Mobile has officially launched.

While BDO Mobile has officially launched, it has only launched in 7 select countries as of right now.
Meaning that if you don’t currently reside within one of those countries, you’re still stuck without the ability to play the game.

The countries currently allowed to download the game are Australia, Canada, Chile, Ireland, Malaysia, Sweden and Turkey.
I know, I know. You’re wondering why countries like Malaysia or Turkey get the game before North America or Europe. Canada and Australia make sense, but… what about us?
According to Pearl Abyss, although the game has launched in parts of the world now, we in North America and Europe are forced to wait.
When asked if there was an approximate time, heck, even a timeframe when the game would launch here we were given an “Iunno.” as a response. “Sometime this year, for sure.”
Whether that means next week or next month is completely up for discussion but nevertheless the game is still coming.
Pre-registration in North America and Europe is available however, so if you haven’t already, then make sure you go ahead and do such, as unique goodies are given out to players that do.

Anticipation for this game is actually off the charts as there are tens of millions of players pre-registering already outside of South Korea and the 7 other select countries.
Black Desert Mobile is one of the best looking Mobile games, and by far the best looking Mobile MMORPG on androids and smartphones.
Not only does it take what its PC counterpart did right with its graphics, but it also takes its epic fast-paced action combat system and somehow replicates it on tiny mobile screens.
And unlike other games like the Lineage, Aion or Blade & Soul mobile ports.. Black Desert Mobile is actually very reminiscent of its PC counterpart. This is no cheap cash-grab. This is a full-fledged Mobile MMORPG, and it shows.
I’m not a huge fan of Black Desert Online. I’ve played it from time to time, have a bunch of level 60 something characters, and have played for a cumulative total of several hundred hours across those characters.
And although I tend to drift away from the game, I’ve yet to find action combat I enjoy as much as BDO’s. I’ve yet to have the ability to create a character that gives me the control that BDO’s does.
So I end up inevitably coming back for periods of time, having fun and then leaving again.
I’m not a fan of crafting or doing dailies. I enjoy leveling new characters, I enjoy gearing them up and I enjoy learning new combat styles.
I know for a fact that I’ll be able to do the same thing in BDO Mobile, and that has me pretty excited.

I’ll have the ability to take the game with me to go number 2 in the bathroom, I’ll be able to log in and play a little during long-trips or while waiting for connecting flights at the airport.
It’ll keep me highly entertained whenever I’m bored, hopefully as much as its PC version did.
Or it won’t. I don’t know, I can’t say. While I know that they replicated quite a few things, and they replicated them very well, I can’t say for certain how the game will play yet as I’ve yet to play it.
But I’m highly excited to sometime within the next month and a half.

I mean sure, technically I could use a VPN, boot up an emulator and play it that way, or I could get Wiggy to go ahead and record some footage of the game for me since she’s in Australia, but.. Iunno.
I think I’ll wait. I do want to play it on my fresh new iPhone 11 Pro Max to see how good this thing looks after all.

But.. yeah. That’s pretty much it.
It’s Black Desert Online on mobile devices. It looks amazing, plays amazing and will likely be the MMORPG you want to main going into the future.
Or I’d like to say it would be, but.. Mobile games are known to be notoriously pay to win, and combine that with Pearl Abyss’s greed and you have.. a very nasty combination.
I’m interested to see if the game is pay to win in the 7 countries it’s available in yet and how badly it will be when it releases in North America and Europe.

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    DoDutz Reply
    Nov 12, 2019 @ 1:47 am

    god demn it how come that malaysia got first? those wunnies

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