Avabel Online – A Fantastic Action-Packed, Anime MMORPG Coming Out For PC and PS4 Soon!

Greetings and Salutations my lovely little Bytelings my name is Wiggy and today I’ll be talking about a Japanese MMORPG, which
in it’s self is rare to see. Now This MMORPG in question is called Avabel Online and it is a free to play game, with nice anime
styled graphics.

It’s very possible that you’ve may have heard about this MMORPG before as it’s been out since 2013. and is considered on of the best mobile MMORPGs to date, being highly successful. Now the reason I’m talking about this MMORPG now for, out of no where, is because it’s being re-released for the PC on Steam as well as being released on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. As this was originally a Mobile MMORPG, and a successful one at that, thus the re-release.

As I did state earlier, Avabel Online is a older MMORPG and as such does have some dated graphics, however Asobimo, the developer of Avabel Online said that they will be upgrading the graphics, and adding brand new content into Avabel Online for the PC, PS4 and Switch release.

Now let’s go over Avabel Online a little, firstly it’s anime inspired, as I’ve mentioned. It’s got action combat, a housing system fully explore-able areas, not unlike the zones found in other MMOPRG’s like Blade and Soul. An a nice class/job system. For instance all characters start off as a basic class or job till level 5, once there you can choose to become any of the 6 basic classes that will shape your future job choices. In Avabel Online there are a lot of classes to play, just like in the old Ragnarok MMORPG. Avabel has around 70 classes in total, this is including branched off classes.

Generally though Avabel Online looks like a fun action, anime MMORPG for you to sink your time into, especially now it’s coming out on steam for your PC, or your PS4 and switch. Now while it’s confirmed to be coming onto these very platforms there’s no X date actually given, so I generally wanted to give you guys a heads up it’s coming. If I learn an actual date I’ll be sure to inform you guys about it. Or if I learn anything else interesting MMORPG related.

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