Aurcus Online: One Of Asobimo’s Best Action MMORPGs?

Honestly, I haven’t played all that many Asobimo MMORPGs. The few I have played have all been exceptional comparatively to the normal Mobile MMOs I’ve played.
I know I still have a handful to get through, and that’s exactly why I decided to jump into Aurcus Online today.


Aurcus Online is one of the better Mobile MMORPGs on the market, released back in 2016.
According to Asobimo, the game offers “super exhilarating action with aerial combos!” along with a deep combat system, and a world filled with adventure and infinite possibility.
One thing that separates Aurcus from most the other MMOs I’ve played lately is the fact that the game offers no forms of auto-play at all.
You don’t have auto-combat. Your skills – as a Mage – don’t even lock onto targets. Meaning that you’re actually required to aim each and every ability.
There’s no auto-pathing either. So if auto-pathing to your quest target or quest objective are what you’re expecting out of the game – you’re going to be disappointed.
This is a real, legit, full-fledged MMORPG. Even more of one than Eternal Magic which just released on PC recently, actually.
The game uses segregated zones – meaning that there are loading screens between each zone but they’re not instances. You can see other players out and about – tons of other players.
Of which I actually saw plenty of. Something I’m used to, sure, but not being controlled by their actual player.


This is where it gets good.
As noted, the combat in Aurcus is complete action. You have to move your crosshair over your target and then begin attacking. If the monster moves, or your camera rotates, then all subsequent attacks will miss.
This means that aim is required, even if it’s a little difficult on a small screen. I did find that my fingers kept rotating the screen screwing my abilities over, unfortunately.
I promise I have better aim than this.
Your skills, like most games are located down the bottom right of your screen. You click through several pre-selected skills – but you can actually chain together other skills after.
Let me explain. You have a small selection of skills to choose to be displayed.
However, each skill can have several other skills “chained” onto the end of your initial skill, providing additional skill usage without the need for more skills actually cluttering the screen.
I don’t know how many skills you’ll ultimately end up having but this means.. you can make some pretty sick combos.
Asobimo mention “aerial combos” but I have absolutely no idea what that means as I can’t jump.


Yes! There is character creation and customization in Aurcus.
You get to choose between a pre-determined selection of both faces and hairstyles, along with hair colors to craft the character of your dreams.
Yes, that doesn’t make for all that much customization, I’m aware. Thankfully in-game the different sets of armor you earn change your general appearance as well.
This makes for significantly more style-options for you if you’re a bit of an outfit whore. Like my wife is. You should see her in games, man.


Aurcus is probably one of the best MMORPGs I’ve played on mobile yet.
It has absolutely no auto-play at all, meaning to advance, you’re required to be present and active.
Combat requires skill, and accuracy. If you lack either, you’re likely to miss repeatedly. This would be problematic, especially if PvP is something you’re interested in doing down the line.
The story.. well, the story is packed, absolutely packed with quest text and admittedly it was too much for me, resulting in me often skipping it.
Don’t hate me.
I had fun playing Aurcus – I only hit maybe level 15? level 18? Somewhere around there by the time I finished recording.
I could definitely see myself playing something like this in the future, and urge you guys to try it out if you haven’t already.

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